Apple, read the blogs and reviews and your message boards. What are you going to do about it?

I am concerned that Apple may in fact be ignoring the obvious. As a hardware company, they should have been all over the heat and other issues with their MacBook like of notebooks…

I picked up a MacBook13 Black the other day with 2GB of RAM and a 120GB hard drive from the good people over at the Yaletown location of MacStation. (Thanks Paul and Harald!)

This is probably one of the nicest pieces of Apple hardware I have ever had the good fortune of owning – sort of. With the Core Duo processor, the hardware has FINALLY caught up with the software. It feels almost as snappy as OS 9 on my old Pismo was about four years ago. THAT was a long wait. But OS X is of course MUCH more stable, handles multi-tasking much better, and just feels better, especially now that it’s at version 10.4.

I was not keen on the glossy screen when I first got this machine but on balance, I have enjoyed the crisp colour a lot more than I have been bothered by any glare from ambient light so it has been a positive overall.

But this machine has heat problems. And apparently I am not alone. Try googling “MacBook fan constantly on” and you’ll see a list of blog posts and Apple Discussion Forum threads on the heat and fan problems that are apparently plaguing the entire MacBook and MacBook Pro line.

One way to test it is to download the Core Duo Test from Versiontracker. Apparently a temperature between 45C-65C is acceptable. Immediately upon turning my laptop on, it climbs up to 78-81C and stays there. It only takes a minute or two to get there and once it crosses 80C, the fan kicks in and then never stops….. Source: Troy Angrignon – Adventure Capitalist