The USPS Can Kiss Me Where The Sun Don't Shine!

Is eBay really worth it? In many cases it can be, but be darn sure you get written confirmation from your seller that they are only shipping insured and signed on delivery. If you are asking as to why, the answer is rather simple. The USPS is rather lax in following through their own procedures. This is not me whining mind you, this actually came from the mouth of their lost packages dept (or whatever they call it). The person I spoke to was kind and understanding. And what I respected the most is that she was not telling me what I wanted to hear. To be blunt – she explained that many mail carriers simply don’t care.

Now I believe that most carriers are hard working, outstanding people. But like so many other people in so many other jobs, people tend to slack off some. Take for instance when a brainless eBay power seller decides to ship your expensive new cell phone via USPS insured, but required no signature. Because of my seller’s ignorance and my mail carrier’s half-hearted attitude toward their own door step policy of not leaving packages unattended (yes I checked with them on this), I am now out a fair sum of money.

Some of you may be asking yourselves what I plan on doing about this. Well the short answer is nothing. The seller “technically delivered” my phone to the proper location, even if they did so in the stupidest way possible. So I will give them a neutral point for prompt delivery – just not to me.

As for the post office, what can I do? File a complaint? Yeah, that’ll make my item reappear. They’ve already explained to me that incompetence is the company cheer and not to expect much resolution from this error. They even took the extra time to reassure me that it will likely happen again in the near future.You know something, as I look back at this whole situation collectively, I believe that I have learned a few things.

With the exception of a very limited number of eBay power sellers whom I have dealt with, most of them are complete morons when it comes to proper online business etiquette. Why bother asking for the funds to ship something with minimum risk of delivery error when a seller can save a few minutes doing it the “it’s good enough” way. What’s comical about this is that I was actually investigating using them as an OEM supplier because they had such great prices. Had they shipped a crate of phones this way, I’d really had been screwed.

It never fails to amaze me how many people can achieve this level of incompetence and still remember how to walk and chew gum at the same time. Yes, these people are hard at work dealing with hundreds of orders every week. Guess what – too bad. I refuse to hear excuses for half-doing anything when another person has paid good money for a product.

As for the post office, I will make it my mission to be more wary of their half-baked policies. Unfortunately they neither care nor have any intention of making substantial changes in the future. I suppose the best I can hope for is a large dog to take an even larger bite out of the person responsible and the cost for the stiches match that of the lost money from my purchase.

Understand that I have nothing but respect and kind feelings for the carriers that do their jobs with common sense, however those who don’t give a damn about my mail and my financial loss based on their actions can quite frankly; well, bite me.

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