Marc Sheehan’s Distinctive Mascot Collection

Watching sports games can get boring, especially if the game that is being watched is boring. So you turn your attention to other things. Like, how did this team get its name? Or why is its mascot a 1) cougar, 2) hillbilly, or 3) a rainbow? Well, today’s Warped site can answer some of those questions, and make you a hit at your local sports bar or watering hole.

Marc Sheehan’s Distinctive Mascot Collection is one of the most complete catalogue of team names and origins of those names that I have ever seen. This is a compilation of hundreds of unusual and out-of-the-ordinary mascots and nicknames used by schools across the country. Background information and facts, including their origins in many cases, about the mascots are also included. The high school and college sections have been divided into five parts: schools starting with letters A-E, F-J, K-O, P-S, and T-Z.

There is quite a bit of trivia here, especially with the well-known college teams. It is interesting and, like I mentioned, it can be a great conversation starter at your local sports establishment. You can also submit your suggestions for schools to Marc via email.

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