Mobile Affordances

Every so often, someone comes along and completely changes how we see the world. It seems that this instance below may not have quite that large of an impact per se, yet what is being illustrated is still quite powerful.

Yesterday at the International Conference on ICT in Teaching and Learning here in Hong Kong, Song Yanjie presented a paper looking at the affordances of mobile learning. I was intrigued by the concept; Iíve been a fan of the concept of affordances since I was introduced to it by Bill Gaver as part of his PhD work, and promulgated by Don Norman in his book The Design of Everyday Things, and using it as a framework to think about the performance benefits of mobile devices seemed inspired.

And inspired I was. Songís a PhD student with Professor Bob Fox from the University of Hong Kong, and presented a wide variety of applications. It took a while, but I finally got my mind around what I thought were some fundamental principles. Feedback welcome….. Source: Learnlets