The People Behind DirectX 10: Part 3–Nvidia’s Tony Tamasi

What is so cool about DirectX and how does it affect the world of graphics cards? Read on….

In the first part of our feature series, The People Behind DirectX 10, we spoke with Microsoft’s David Blythe and Chris Donahue about the new graphics API. We found out what new capabilities it offers, how we can expect it to change PC games, why it will only be available for Vista, and more.

In Part 2, we turned our attention to the GPU manufacturers, interviewing ATI’s CTO of the PC Business Group, Bob Drebin. Of course, asking one GPU manufacturer about its DX10 ideas is only getting half the story, so today we present an interview with Nvidia’s Vice President of Technical Marketing, Tony Tamasi. You’ll notice these are the exact same questions as we posed to ATI, and that’s intentional. We thought it would be interesting to give them the exact same questions, making it easier for you to compare and contrast the answers…. Source: ExtremeTech