Are We Simply Screwed?

As the Net Neutrality debate heats up in the US capital, I am still frustrated with the total lack of reliable information out there. It seems like no matter which view I may have, the “news sources” are all incredibly biased one way or the other.

In many respects, I am almost to the point where I am tired of all of the bull that this issue has been slinging back and forth. To this end, here is what it comes down to for me personally: Want to raise my rates? Fine, you go ahead and do that. But to those in the government, you had better be sure you fully understand the law that you are seeking with such enthusiasm. And based on your past record with the movie industry vs BetaMax, DVRs, and so on, you have demonstrated again and again that you don’t understand much of the technology related laws that you work so hard to see passed. Perhaps it’s time to consider understanding the issue before passing judgement on them? A wild idea that has been largely ignored on both sides of the political fence for years.

OK, let’s take a step back for a minute and leave the politics at the door. In the end, I just want clear, written proof that my ability to earn a living is not going to be flushed away by those who may not entirely understand the issues at hand. Not trying to point fingers here, but damn it’s hard not to when considering the track record of current events relating to this issue.

One thing that I know for fact is this: information is power. Whoever controls the world’s information pretty controls it all. And perhaps I am reading too much into this, but it sure seems to me that Google and the Telcoms are more interested in the control over our access to information than they are with the cost of providing it. Just my thoughts on this as I work with next to no reliable information sources to help steer me one way or the other. That’s it for me, I’ll be seeing you Monday.

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