Listen to podcast, create your own on mobile phone

Listening to and creating podcasts – all from your mobile phone? Hey, if the bit about the speaking out your email doesn’t grab you, then the previous ought to.

For about a year, Voice Genesis has been enabling cell phones to send e-mail, but the company is expanding its offerings with cool new services that let you use your cell phone to listen to and record podcasts.

The company’s flagship $4.99-a-month Vemail service, available on compatible phones from Verizon and some smaller carriers, lets you receive e-mail as text that you can read on the screen, and then respond by speaking into your phone.

After you respond by voice, the person on the other end receives an e-mail in their inbox with a link to an audio file and a phone number in case they’re using a device without a sound card and need to call in…. Source: The Mercury News