Sony BMG To Be Split?

Michael Santo of RealTechNews writes:

The name Sony seems synonymous with bad news of late. It had the recent news over its problematic ad in Holland. There was last year’s debacle over DRM. And of course, there’s all the fallout over PS3 pricing. Now what? It appears the EU may be rethinking its approval of the merger of Sony and Bertelsmann.

The European Commission erred when it approved a merger between the music units of two media giants, Sony and Bertelsmann, the European Union’s second-highest court ruled Thursday. If the decision stands, it means that Sony Music and BMG will have to resubmit the merger plan to the commission, which would then revisit it, taking into account current market conditions. [Source: IHT]

We Say: According to the article, this may also cast doubt on the merger between EMI Group and Warner Music, who are fighting over which company gets to buy the other. Meanwhile, in Sony-land, it only has seven days to file new paperwork, so it’d best get moving!

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