Disney Tattoo Guy

When I was in the Navy, it was considered macho to get yourself a tattoo when you went overseas. It was considered a rite of male passage, so to say. That is one passage I missed. Today, it seems that just about everyone I know has one. Both of my daughters got one after they became legal age, small ones on their ankles. Being a father, I guess I just don’t understand. But many people consider tattoos an art form – a way of expressing themselves. Today’s Warped site is one that brings that fleshes out that expression, in a most unusual way.

Disney Tattoo Guy is dedicated to a man’s obsession with the art of Walt Disney, and all the derivatives of his empire. His name is George C. Reiger, Jr. and is proclaimed by worldwide news media as the #1 Disney fan of all time. And he has the proof to back up that claim. He lives in a custom-built 4200 square foot home that is filled with over 24,000 Disney items. You can visit that home if you contact him ahead of time. Don’t just drop by, because he may be at one of the Disney theme parks, which he visits several times a year (he is at Disney World every month)!

But what sets him apart from other collectors of Disney items is where he keeps some of them. As of April 1, 2005, he has over 1700 tattoos on his body. Just about every square inch of him has some sort of artwork, even some places only his wife (and the tattooer) has seen. He is adding three to four tattoos a month. The site includes pictures of him with celebrities, as well as Disney cast members.

This guy is my kind of guy! He has taken his love of the Magic Kingdom, and is sharing it with the world. The Warp-o-Meter gives this site a 9.5, proving that George has indeed put the super in supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

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