Customize Items Under Your Links In IE

When you want quick access to a Web page or folder on your system, you can add it to the Links bar. The Links bar is located next to the Address bar in IE, and with it you can house a handful of sites or pages that you visit frequently. Click the Links bar and a list of links appears.

You will notice that each link has an icon beside it; most of the icons are the same. You can customize these icons. For example, you may want to place an icon resembling mail beside a link to the MSN Hotmail Web site because that is your primary email account and you access the site frequently during the day.

To customize an icon, click the Links button, right-click a link, and click Properties. Under the Web Document tab, click the Change Icon button. Select the icon you want to use from the Change Icon dialog box and click OK. Click OK again. The new icon will now appear in the Links bar.

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