Unofficial MySpace Toolbar

Social networking is what the world is all about these days. If you launch anything that doesn’t have a social networking aspect to it, you are so back in 1999. MySpace is one of the industry leaders in the social networking revolution. With that said, wouldn’t you like a Firefox extension that would help you use MySpace a little better?

So what does this Unofficial MySpace Toolbar have to offer? Here is what the developer of the extension has to say.

Automatically login to MySpace, instantly access your messages, view hidden comments and more with this intuitive toolbar! The toolbar can automatically hide when you are not using MySpace. To toggle this feature, click the “m” on the status bar.

Everybody who is anybody seems to have a profile on MySpace these days. Heck, I even have one. I would not say I am so addicted that I need a toolbar just yet, but many other people are. For those folks, this Firefox extension is for you.

If you want to see what the toolbar looks like up close, then check out the official Web site for the Unofficial MySpace Toolbar.

This Firefox extension is for versions 1.0 and up of the browser. To pick up your copy all you need to do is download it via the Mozilla Add-ons Web site.