Wheelbarrow Freestyle

Over the past few months, the Warped site has found some very unique ways to using everyday items to create unusual objects, or different ways to use those objects. Remember the huge rubber band ball? Or the baseball with almost 20,000 coats of paint? Today we find a use for one of the more common yard utensils that everyone household has, but I will bet that every household doesn’t use it this way.

The name of the site is Wheelbarrow Freestyle. Within this Web site you will find out about the latest extreme sport, and all of the trickery that it takes to be involved with it. The types of tricks that can be done are well described, as it the best type of wheelbarrows to use, and why they are the best. There is a brief history of the sport, but I had a hard time understanding it. The videos are the highlight of the site, showing the actual tricks being performed.

After viewing this site, all I can say is what next? I have found unusual uses for everyday items all over the Internet, but this one is one of the most unique. Warp-o-Meter rating: 8.5.

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