Launch of mobile web 2.0 spotlight

Are we really ready mobile web 2.0? Well even if you are, it is here regardless…

Welcome to the mobile web 2.0 spotlight!

Coinciding with the launch of my book mobile web 2.0,
I am happy to announce that, in addition to my blog, I will also be writing for sys-con This blog on sys-con will be called ‘Mobile web 2.0 spotlight’

The mobile web 2.0 spotlight is now live. You can see the first post at sys-con
(Just an intro at this stage and also the second post today called What is mobile web 2.0

The Mobile web 2.0 spotlight is a collection of the best services/products in relation to Mobile web 2.0, as I see it. In addition, I am also especially keen to highlight products from start-ups/emerging companies in this space… Source: Open Gardens

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