Of All The Spyware I’ve Had… You’re The Worst.

Jimmy Daniels of RealTechNews writes:

Okay, the title is an edited quote from a Futurama episode because I really didn’t know what to call this as I was trying to keep it clean. Apparently, our friends from Zango, 180Solutions, or ZangoBar, whatever you want to call it, are at it again. Serving up porn videos on a site that looks like it should be for kids, all the way down to its goofy looking header.

Yep, turns out Teenlaughs has some issues where relevant (or even semi-relevant) advertising is concerned. Yay! Chicks bouncing! Birds burping! Nipple piercing! Vida’s ass!

But wait – we’re not done yet. Let’s check out the sponsors… can you say “oiled up and ready to rock?”

Eva’s bra! Some chick’s completely naked butt! And though they’re just out of shot, there’s also Carmen Electra’s Striptease Workout (it says here) and, er, “Christina Aguilera Grabbing Herself.”

The chicks, Vida and Pink? Zango!

Eva, Xtina, and Buttcheek Girl? Zango!

And… go back to the first screenshot. See “Today’s Funniest Videos?”

Zangoooooooooooooooooooooooooal! [Source: Vitalsecurity]

We Say: Zango management: No need for you to complain to someone, somewhere, somehow, yada, yada, yada, we already know the routine by now. You are completely innocent, and everyone who has your program really, really wants it. We know you are going to drop this distributor as soon as someone will tell you who it is and this will be the last time anything like this ever happens.

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