Surf’s Up

To surfers there are two magic words: surf’s up! For those of us stuck in the northern hemisphere in January (when this review was written), our dreams are all about shredding Bondi or the North Shore. If it’s just plain too cold where you are to get your fins wet, we have a game to tide you over until it’s time to pull out the Sex Wax.

That’s right, dude. The game is called Surf’s Up and it’s pretty cool. You start off on a ten footer breakin’ left with a tight pipe. You get points for your air and for how close you run to the pipe, although we wish it would let you surf in the break. Its pretty easy to do front-side 180s and really tough for like a backside 320. And you get three wipe outs before it’s game over.

This game can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. You can keep your moves fairly conservative and try to rack up points by staying on your board for a long time. Or you can try more radical moves for big scores and take a chance on wiping out. The animation is cool and the music is corny Dick Dale stuff. And it’s better than the other online surf games out there.

We like this game because if we can’t surf we might as well play a surf game. And this one keeps us from jonesing (too badly, anyway).

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