Courtesy Flush

Sometimes the Internet gives birth to a site that is totally worthless, except as a form of entertainment. Several pop to mind, but nothing like today’s Warped site. In its own way, it is what makes the world go ’round in a circle.

The site is called Courtesy Flush, and, yes, it is what you think it is. Potty humor at its best (or worst). But it is cute humor, something that can make its way around the office without too much disruption.

What happens with this site is that you choose an object to put in the toilet bowl, and then hit the plunger. The rest is self explanatory. Among the objects you can choose are a rubber duckie, a fish, or Saddam Hussein. You can leave a note to another person and send it to them (flushing action included) or you can send them the whole potty, toilet seat and all.

Sites like this show how easy it is to create an entertaining place to spend sometime on the Internet. But remember guys, just like at home, be sure to put the seat down when you are done.

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