Watt Hour Meters

How much was your electric bill last month? Have you ever wondered how much electricity your computer(s), appliances, and other electronic gadgets consume? A simple watt hour meter will provide the answers. Plug a watt hour meter into the outlet, then plug the device’s power cord into the meter. Bingo! You’re on your way to electrical enlightenment. But that’s not all, folks. Watt hour meters can also be used to check for voltage drops and brownout conditions…

That’s a mighty handy capability in these dog days.

It never fails. We get to the point in the summer where those whopping electric bills start to roll in and the jaws start dropping. At times like this, I start looking for culprits other than the central a/c.

I never considered it before making the big purchase but our plasma TV and HDTV receiver kick off an incredible amount of heat. No doubt they use an equal amount of electricity.

That’s why I’m looking into portable watt hour meters. When I scream at the kids to turn off the TV because it’s killing their proverbial inheritance, I want to know exactly what it costs to run each hour.

P3’s Kill A Watt is a highly affordable little watt hour meter, designed to quickly let you see which appliances are sucking up the juice. Want to know how power your computer and peripherals are consuming? Plug this handy little watt hour meter between the wall outlet and your UPS and you’ll know in no time at all. The unit’s LCD displays electric consumption by the kilowatt-hour. Get out your utility bill and fire up the calculator.

For thirty bucks or so, the Kill A Watt looks to be money well spent. I’ll let you know how it works out.

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