Game Contractor Launches Jobs Rescue For UK Game Developers

Game Contractor launches today creating a new jobs market for contractor and freelancers in game development. Game Contractor becomes the only business in the world dedicated to finding jobs for contractors and freelancers in the games development community. It finds and fills contract and freelance jobs in video games.

Game Contractor is ideally placed to fulfil the needs of game development employers who require the best qualified staff for a day, week or for a month or longer, to help them make the most exciting, best selling games. Developers need look no further for specialists required to work on prototype or pitches to game publishers or additional manpower needed to work as part of a larger games development team at times of peak manpower requirements. It does not supply permanent staff and it does not offer ancillary services like representing outsourcers that conflict with our core business of supplying contactor and freelancers.

“Game Contractor will offer a life saving alternative to game developers” commented David Smith, Managing Director of Game Contractor. “Too often employers are compelled to hire staff on long term contracts when they only require the talent for relatively short periods. Now a phone call to Game Contractor should take away these headaches. Talented contractors are not cheap but, brought in at time critical moments in the development cycle, they will pay for themselves many times over.”

“Contracting in the game industry is still in its infancy, but everyone will surely benefit from the services of a new agency dedicated to this ever-growing sector of game development. I have already found some great contact work through your company, but I’m genuinely encouraged by the added focus offered by Game Contractor,” commented Kevin Buckner, Managing Director of Design Games Ltd.

Game Contractor only registers game developers with talent and a minimum of 12 months experience in the video game sector. It does not supply graduates or amateur game developers.

It only supplies staff who understand the nature and demands of contracting. All its contractors are legally contracted to Game Contractor and have to commit to high standards of conduct.

It offers flexible and realistic pricing to suit the needs of the employer. If you need a contractor for a day, a week, a month or longer it will set out the cost of the contractor and its charges clearly in advance.

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