Rally Trophy

We had planned on bringing you an online rally racing game to celebrate yesterday’s conclusion of the Dakar Rally (at the time of this writing). Well, as they say, a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum.

Don’t let the title Rally Trophy fool you; this game is all about slot car racing, not rally racing. But it’s so much fun that we decided to feature this game instead of a more proper rally racing game. Why is this game cool? Because it brings back memories of our youth. You get to design the most devious slot car track that you can devise using a selection of classic slot car track sections. And designing the track is only the half of it, because then you get to race!

You can race against the computer (fun) or another player (really, really fun). You’ve got your choice between a classic Volvo or a classic Mini Cooper. True to the slot car metaphor, you only have one control: acceleration. Who needs brakes, anyway? The trick is to get around the track as quickly as possible without sliding off the track, and, of course, make it to the finish line first.

We like this game because it brings back all the fun and skills of slot car racing. And it’s sure to bring out the racer in you, especially in two-player mode.

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