Have you ever been out on a long walk or run and wished for a pedometer to keep track of the miles you’ve covered? Just today, I was out on a two-wheeled off-road excursion with my son. I thought wistfully about pedometers as we racked up the miles. With nary a way to record mileage between our bikes, we were left guessing at the distance. That quickly changed upon our return to the ranch.

Soon after plopping down in front of the PC, I stumbled upon a fantastic online pedometer that harnesses the power of Google Maps for the greater good in the battle against the bulging waistline.

The Gmaps Pedometer is a marvel, the kind of app you would’ve only dreamed of having just a few years ago. The ability to zoom in with a hybrid satellite/map view allows you to closely plot the path you’ve traveled (or plan to travel) with double-clicks. It matters not whether you’re on a paved public road or dirt trail; when you zoom in with the Gmaps Pedometer you can follow those paths with a fair amount of precision.

After a flurry of double-clicking I determined that we had covered nearly six miles in an hour’s time. Not too shabby considering the terrain.

Now I’ve given passing thought tot adding a simple computer to my steed, but I like being disconnected in the relative wild. It’s not like I need to be located by GPS tracking while I’m a few miles from home.

Consider this the morning after pedometer. The price is tough to beat.