Strange Geography USA

Have you ever traveled to a new part of the country, visited a new location, and then promptly mispronounced the name of a local landmark or geographical location? Coming from Oregon, there are a couple of names here that will automatically identify you as not being from around here. Try to say Willamette (as in river) or Glisan (as in street). Today’s Warped site explores some other geographical oddities, maybe not so much for their names as where they are.

The site’s name is Strange Geography USA, and is part of the Howder Family Web site. This site relates some of the interesting locations they have come across on their travels. They are literally from all over the world. There is the only Iowa town west of the Missouri River, Carter Lake. There there is Four Corners. Now a lot of towns and cities have a four corners location (I grew up in one). But this one refers to the only place in America where four states share a common boundary. Another interesting site is the only landlocked place in the United States that cannot be reached by land from anywhere else in the country. It is only accessible via boat, or through another country. That is Point Roberts, Washington, created when the final boundary between the US and Canada was created.

This is really a pretty cool site. The person who is writing and maintaining the site is the one who has visited all of these places. The Warp-o-Meter gives it an 8.0 for that reason.

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