Is DRM Really Evil?

DRM – love it or hate it, this issue is here to stay. Even though I believe that most people find a number of forms of DRM protection to be mind blowingly annoying, I simply don’t believe that we will see it disappear anytime soon. The fact remains that if we want to have access to movies, music and so on, that information needs to have some promise of making sure that the powers that be get paid.

Regardless of this, I personally feel that it locks people into proprietary formats rather than only serves to protect content. We need to remember that in the purist sense, it only serves to lock customers into one way of doing things – in short, it’s removing choice from our lives.

But it’s about making sure people don’t steal stuff.

No question about it, this was at one time the move to be made. It was designed to prevent music and movie threats. However today, that scene has changed. More and more companies are slowly admitting that DRM does a spectacular job at ensuring that any said customer is likely to stick around, using the service that they initially purchased the music or movie from in the first place.

So this brings us to an important question: can we find balance between the need to protect the rights of creative works, but do so without screwing the person that you are wanting to sell to? What do you think?