A Common Printer Problem Might Be Solved By…

In response to yesterday’s Buying A Printer? But How Long Will It Last?, Gnomie David writes:

Regarding the longevity of printers. I thought my Epson C20 had come to the end of the road when I got an error message to the effect that something had worn out or needed servicing – but it didn’t say what! (Very useful, I’m sure!) Needless to say, the beast just sat there, defying me.

After a little research, I found that when the machine cleans itself on start-up (automatically – can’t stop that) the ink that’s used has gotta go somewhere (I often wondered about that!) and it ends up in a highly-absorbent sponge in a trough at the back of the machine. There is a “safety” counter built-in and when this reaches a critical number, that’s when the message comes up, it would seem, to coincide with the sponge being full. Seems a little primitive to me. Only trouble was, in my case, it was a tad too late and the ink had backed up the tube from the head to the sponge compartment and started overflowing into the base of the printer. D’oh!

I found a third-party utility that resets the counter. I washed out the sponge and cleaned up the mess inside and, bingo, printer good to go. I could have just ditched it and got a new one, with the needless expense, if I hadn’t found out what the problem was. Wonder how many others have done that previously? Incidentally, the third-party service facility can be found here. It replaces the Epson monitor with some other useful facilities.

Thanks, David! This may be helpful to some of our readers. We appreciate the feedback!

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