Talladega Nights

Today’s featured game is brought to you by Ricky Bobby. It says so right at the beginning of the game.

The game is Talladega Nights, a game based on the similarly named movie, Talladega Nights. In this game you don the jumpsuit of a NASCAR driver and compete in a three-lap race against opponents who aren’t any better than you are. In fact, they’re pushovers. They won’t be hard to beat because this game isn’t about being faster or smarter, this game is about keeping your finger firmly planted on the accelerator. There’s no need to worry about damaging your car, so go ahead and plow your way right into the pack. Don’t worry about unfortunate incidents because there won’t be any. And once you’re in the lead you’re sure to stay there because none of the other cars are aggressive enough to challenge you.

The graphics in this game are beautiful. The archetypical NASCAR race track and cars look great and are admirably rendered. A joy for the eye to behold. We liked the graphics so much that we won’t mention that the reflection in the rear-view mirror was backwards. It’s a shame, however, that the gameplay didn’t receive the same care as the artwork. The game is ridiculously easy to master and loses its entertainment value quickly. Even driving the wrong way lacked the malicious fun of spectacular crashes. This is a pretty racing game. And lame racing game. It’s pretty lame.

One thing Ricky Bobby knows is how to win. And winning is a good thing. But winning isn’t satisfying when your opponents are such easily beaten pushovers.

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