Welcome To Jim’s Place

We have seen some pretty interesting Web sites grace this space. The one that is featured today attracted me with its music when I first clicked on it – it brought back some memories. What I found is for you to discover when you go and explore it yourself.

The name of this site is Welcome to Jim’s Place. As its name implies, it is about Jim’s place. Where or what is Jim’s place? Well, it’s where he lives, and that is in, well, nobody really knows. But Jim will show you all around his house, tell you about the dogs he used to have, about where he works, some of his hobbies, and a little about his parents. After you spend some time here, you’ll be tapping your foot to the music, whistling along, and be just about ready to head over and take Jim up on his offer of a free room in exchange in helping him maintain his big house.

This is a rather weird site in that it really tells a lot about Jim, while also telling very little about him. But since it’s his site, and that’s the way he wants it, there’s nothing much to be done about that. Warp-o-Meter rating: 7.5.

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