What Is The Deal With ActiveSync?

Everything considered, I have been really happy with my new Cingular 8125. Yes, I am really liking everything about it, with the exception of its delivery of course. FedEx literally dropped the package at my door, kicked my door itself once and then walked away. I could hardly believe my eyes! Boy, now there’s the “FedEx difference”…sigh.

So anyway, I’m finding myself with one minor question that may have simply been a fluke. During one specific phone call to a landline phone, I noticed that my call was dropped and I looked at the phone and it was clearly trying to connect via Cingular GPRS to check my email. My first question is how do I reset how often it’s checking for my email? Perhaps it was just dropped? And what happened to that spazzed out promise of less dropped calls?

Another thing I would like to note as well is that ActiveSync really SUCKS. While this phone is light years better than that of the Nokia E70, Nokia’s connection suite software handles Bluetooth PC connectivity out of the box – no problem. Not so with the very latest version of ActiveSync. I mean come on, it’s the year 2006 and the install wizard for this app still cannot understand that I might wish to sync up with something other than USB? That is inexcusible. Seriously, is Microsoft kidding me?

Now, once I figured out that I could danced around with the COM ports, I had things up and running pretty well. However I can only imagine how many unneeded phone returns result from a default software feature for Bluetooth being left out like that. Truly, I feel this should have been added two years ago as far as I am concerned.

Am I nuts here? Is ActiveSync seriously as easy to use as Microsoft apparently seems to believe that it is? Perhaps all of those countless articles found on Google explaining the frustration of using ActiveSync with Bluetooth are merely plants put there by the Google staff? I tend to think not…