How-To: Run your own network wiring

OK, many of us don’t likely see a benefit in wiring our homes for networking. But there are those who need to do this for businesses.

Wherever you call home, it probably didn’t come wired up for that most precious of home utilities: internet access. Sometimes wireless networking can only take you so far. Guerrilla network wiring might sound a little strong, but sometimes it ends up feeling like an episode of MacGyver, without the bombs. (Unless you count flaming laptops.) In today’s How-To, we’ll show you how to make your own cables and teach you a few tricks for getting them where you need ’em most around the house.

The supplies for making network cable are simple. We’ll need:

* RJ-45 connectors
* RJ-45 crimping tool
* Category 5 cable (Our 1000 foot spool is seven years old)
* Wire strippers

These used to be pretty esoteric, but these days you can get crimpers and connectors at most computer stores. (The cable is usually cheaper at the hardware store.)…. Source: Engadget