Nvidia disputes Dell XPS 700 customer assertions of inaccurate parts list

Boy, Dell is just having issues all over the place! Now Nvidia is pointing fingers at Dell for cripes sake…

Santa Clara (CA) – This afternoon, senior Nvidia spokesperson Bryan Del Rizzo disputed the likelihood of reports emerging from Dell that the first Pentium D 900-series-based XPS 700 units being shipped do not contain Nvidia’s top-of-the-line nForce 590 chipset as advertised, but instead a solution reached in Dell’s own laboratories. “Based on my understanding,” Del Rizzo told TG Daily this afternoon, “they are in fact using the Nvidia nForce 590 SLI MCP.”

In recent weeks, according to customers awaiting shipments of their XPS 700 systems posting on Dell’s user community forums, Dell customer service representatives have responded by e-mail saying that XPS 700 shipment delays were caused by a need to create an interim chipset solution for Dell’s custom motherboard. One response cited on the forum – whose authenticity could not be positively verified – reads in part, “The XPS 700 will not have any of those capabilities because the chipset will not be a nforce 590 chip. It is a chip that is being built especially for us. It will be similar to the nforce 4 SLI chipset, but it will be a slimmed down version of that.”…. Source: TG Daily