AOpen mobile-on-desktop PCs enter Core 2 Duo era

Oh this is simply too pretty. No kidding, folks – this is one small box that I would love to own!

AOpen has equipped its MiniPC line-up with Intel’s mobile Core 2 Duo processor – aka ‘Merom’ – the company said today, neatly avoiding World+Dog’s announcements yesterday of notebooks based on the chip giant’s latest next-generation part.
AOpen said its MiniPC MP945-X and MP945-VXR small form-factor systems would be offered with Core 2 Duo processor support, as would its line-up of MiniPC-oriented motherboards based on Intel’s 975X and 945-series chipsets.
The company also promised downloadable BIOS updates for purchased machines to allow their owners to swap in Core 2 Duo CPUs…. Source: RegHardware