Become a Part of Webcam Based Games with OvO

Yellow House Studios, is please to announce the release of his new webcam based game: OvO. It is available now through online distribution on the OvO website.

Do you want to be the Star of a video game? OvO will transfer you right in the center of the action. You can control 11 fun games with your head, arms, shoulders or any part of your body.

It is so simple and intuitive to control OvO that anyone can play. Ideal to play with friends, OvO will give you as much fun playing than watching others playing. OvO is definitely a game for the whole family; kids, adults, or both!

OvO is allowing you to take hilarious digital photos of yourself through deformed camera lenses. These images are saved on your hard disk so you can share them with your friends.
You can personalize a couple of games by using your own photos, and make your very own OvO artwork representing your friends, pet or any famous celebrities.

Some of the games are physical. OvO will make you exercise without even you noticing it.

For additional information visit to OvO website.

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