Killer Network Interface Card Goes to Pre-Order

Bigfoot Networks, Inc., a research and development company, today announced it has begun shipping its flagship gaming product, the Killer Network Interface Card (NIC). The Killer NIC is the first network card specifically designed to improve performance for online gamers who demand less Ping (latency) and more Frames Per Second. Next week, Killer will launch exclusively at Newegg for $279.99. Gamers may pre-order the Killer now at its official website.

The Killer improves gaming performance through its patent-pending Hardware Network Stack that bypasses the host operating system’s networking stack completely. Online gaming enthusiasts will gain a significant competitive advantage through the Killer NIC’s ability to reduce and control Ping times while increasing Frames Per Second (FPS).

The Killer NIC has shown impressive performance improvements on CounterStrike, F.E.A.R., and World of Warcraft. For example, results have shown an average of 7 milliseconds (ms) of Ping improvement in CounterStrike: Source, and an FPS improvement of approximately 8 percent. World of Warcraft shows an average of 10 ms of Ping improvement and 7 percent improvements in FPS. Click here for more performance details.

Killer’s LLR Technology also offers gamers the chance to write or run Linux programs on the NPU. This functionality, called Flexible Network Architecture (FNA) , can be used by developers or inspired gamers to write their own applications and utilities. FNApps and the integrated USB port on Killer allow gamers to run programs like VoIP or file-sharing programs without impacting their host CPU or ever touching their gaming computer.

“Killer has launched with significant industry and consumer interest and buzz,” says Harlan Beverly, CEO of Bigfoot Networks. “Now that we have released the details that Killer bypasses the host network stack, online gamers everywhere have started saying, ‘Oh, I get it now.’ Gamers have also started catching on to the idea of running FNApps on their Killer’s Linux operating system. The gaming community is starting to understand the full value and potential of Killer.”

For more info, visit the product’s official site.

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