OpenUsability funds student projects

I think that anything that empowers people to jump head first into the world of open source is a great thing in my opinion.

OpenUsability, the organization of software interface usability experts, has begun taking applications for the first in a series of funded student projects. Similar to the Google Summer of Code, selected students will be paired with mentors and set to work on projects to be completed over a three-month period, with a reward of $700 upon success. Students applying now will be competing for the first such position — an opportunity to do interaction design for the GIMP.
OpenUsability engineer Ellen Reitmayr, also a member of KDE Usability, admits to inspiration from Google, but notes a longstanding effort to attract students. “Before, we were more focused on single universities, offering them lists of possible student projects that might be part of the curriculum. The success was not too high, so that’s why we decided to offer projects on a broader base.” FLOSS Usability and Aspiration Technology are collaborating with OpenUsability to launch the student projects…. Source: LinuxWorld