Eccentric America

There used to be a saying that if you were poor and you did something weird, you were crazy, but if you were rich and did something weird, you were eccentric. I guess that would still hold true in today’s times, only I don’t think you have to be rich to qualify. At least, not according to the Warped site today.

Eccentric America: Your Guide to the Weird and Wacky in the USA is the online guide to the hard copy book of the same name. Eccentric America is more than a travel guidebook. It is a celebration of America’s more eccentric places, happenings, and people one encounters while traveling the U.S.A. There are more than 1000 entries on a wide variety of subjects. There are Offbeat Festivals and Events like the Frozen Dead Guy Day and Mike the Headless Chicken Day. Need a place to stay on your travels? There are 76 quirky places to spend the night, like former schools, caves, jails, and a drive-in movie motel. There are Peculiar Attractions, Eccentric Tours, and ones that can’t be classified are Just Plain Weird. They have also just published a new book called Eccentric California. I always knew that state was a little odd, but now there is a book that confirms it.

This would be a great book to get and take with you on your road trips. Heck, you can bookmark the site and just use your Wi-Fi or wireless Internet connection, and have it with you all the time. The Warp-o-Meter rating on this site is an 8.5, which classifies it as classically weird.