Supersonic RC

Yeeeooowwwttch!! Alert! Alert! We’ve been attacked! Interlocking cubes and rectangles have punctured our paws. Our footing has been incapacitated. Maybe it would have been a good idea to put on shoes before treading where strewn LEGOos lie.

Today we’re driving you to play Supersonic RC. In this game you sit behind the radio controller of a really fast LEGO racer. No. It doesn’t go at supersonic speeds, but they couldn’t very well call the game “Really Fast Lego Racer.” That’s not good enough for such a finely constructed game. If the car DID go at supersonic speeds, you wouldn’t be able to react quickly enough to navigate it through the maze of obstacles in this game.

The object of Supersonic RC is to scuttle about a LEGO store passing through checkpoints and performing stunts in order to collect points and unlock increasingly challenging levels. The checkpoints are marked by floating yellow stars and can be found by following the directions of the arrow at the bottom of the screen. Performing stunts involves jumping and trying to flip your racer over. You control your “supersonic” racer by deftly applying your fingers to the arrow keys.

The super-sensitive steering in Supersonic RC means you’ll be oversteering constantly. Your car will jerk around just like a real RC vehicle. At first we found it slightly annoying, but after playing a while we felt it made the game more authentic. The 3D graphics look wonderful, no complaints there. In fact we loved how bendable the car was. Most 3D games forget that modern autos have independent suspension. We also liked the low angle where the creators set the camera. Being so close to the floor while it zipped by gave the game a powerful feeling of speed.

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