20th Century Castles, The Ultimate In Security

A few weeks ago, we featured a site that gave visitors a chance to take a virtual tour of an abandoned missile silo left over from the Cold War era. Kind of an interesting look into our past, but it was hard to get the full perspective since it was only a virtual tour. Today’s Warped site takes us not one but two steps closer to closing that reality gap. Not only can you go into a missile site, but you can actually own one. Have I got your interest? If so, read on.

20th Century Castles, The Ultimate In Security highlights the idea of Tim Schwartz to buy missile properites after seeing the refurbished site where Edward and Dianna Peden of Topeka, Kansas live. Amazingly, many of these first generation sites were located on public properties such as school districts, water companies, and other public entities. About half of them were privately owned. This company entered into negotiations with the owners of the sites, and have acquired many of them and are now offering them for sale.

Think of it. A chance to live in a place that was once the first line of defense of our nation against nuclear strikes. This site lists not only the properties for sale, but some history as to the sites, and the missiles that were stored there. The information here is quite interesting and eye opening. So far 27 of these have been sold, but as with any marketable item, the laws of supply and demand dictate how much each property costs. You will have to admit that it would be pretty crazy to own one of sites. But if there is ever a nuclear war, you will be one of the best prepared. Warp-o-Meter rating: 7.0.

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