Rapper tells music bosses to wake up to mobile threat

Interesting that it takes the performer to point this out to ‘Industry Pros”, is it not? Speaking for myself, I think it certainly is.

Chuck D, the fiery frontman of the hip hop pioneers Public Enemy, has called on the global music industry to reappraise its gold-rush mentality towards mobile content. The rapper said the ubiquity of the mobile phone means artists no longer need to rely on major music labels to reach a global audience.
‘The small screen is the great equaliser. Back in 1998, I envisaged 1 million artists on 1 million record labels splintered across the world. This causes a problem for the major labels,” Chuck D said. The rapper gave the address at a mobile content conference in London yesterday to promote Chuck D Mobile. “The soundtracks of people’s lives have been revolutionised by MP3 players. Integrating that with mobile phones is the next step,” he added…. Source: news.independent.co.uk