RingCube Software Squeezes PC Onto iPod

Yup, this would definitely be considered some very mobile computing, all right. Just take a gander for yourself as the iPod becomes the PC.

Mobile computing just got more portable. Making even the latest pocketbook-sized ultra-mobile personal computers look more like lumbering giants, RingCube Technologies Inc. unveiled software that can virtually squeeze a PC onto an iPod, USB keychain drive, cell phone or any gizmo with digital storage space.

RingCube’s MojoPac software mirrors a computer’s personal settings, programs and data on a storage device. Then, when it’s connected to any computer running Microsoft Corp.’s
Windows XP operating system, the virtual desktop will run in a window of the underlying PC.

“You’re taking your digital soul with you on any portable storage device,” said Shan Appajodu, chief executive and co-founder of RingCube.
A user could toggle between the two computing environments. The company contends that everything you do with your MojoPac PC will remain private: the underlying host PC won’t retain any of the files or cache copies of what you did on MojoPac, the company said…. [Source: AP]