Movemento – The MOD Player For Palm OS

People who listen to demo scene radio stations like Nectarine probably know the MOD format. A mod file is basically a midi file that brings its samples along and thus sounds the same everywhere (German readers probably still remember T.W.Geuting’s Treo 600 experience).

Movemento is a demo of the Modula game engine developed and marketed by indus3.

Playing MOD files works well, however, you can’t move forward in files. Also, file playback can’t be paused.

Different playlists can be created easily.

The files are selected with a dialogue that works like the Windows Common Dialogue. However, you can’t select more than one file at a time.

The player supports background action. 0n our T3, the speedy rating reduced by about 50 Mhz – much less than an average mp3 file.

We reviewed version 0.1 on a Palm Tungsten T3. The program’s homepage is here.

Overall, MOD playback for the Palm OS now is a reality. Movemento works, and MODs sound nice. However, the program still feels like a proof of concept rather than a mediaplayer suitable for sale due to a few quirks in control…

What do you think?

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