Tiny Linux browser project seeks sponsors

I say let’s give them a hand, or even a few bucks should this be a browser project that you happen to believe in.

A project to create an ultra-lightweight web browser for use in embedded devices and other resource-constrained hardware has issued a plea for financial help. The Dillo Project says it needs to find a corporate sponsor in order to add anti-aliased text, CSS, Javascript, and internationalization/localization support.

Dillo is a very lightweight (about 350 KB) browser supporting a subset of HTML, CGI, SSL, and cookies. Dillo is not really practical for browsing the modern Internet, due to missing support for frames, CSS, Javascript, and other commonly used standards and protocols. It also appears to have only basic HTML error handling capabilities, and to lack robust support for anti-aliased text, something even Linux desktop users have long taken for granted…. Source: LinuxDevices.com