A Long Overdue Upgrade

I’ve been producing Lockergnome (with help from friends) since 1996. Today, however, we’re taking a gigantic leap forward with it. As you may have noticed from the hiccups last night, we’re officially under construction – which is difficult to do when you’re already running a site like ours. I believe the changes, however, are for the better:

  • Newsletters will again include all content (minus your comments)
  • We have full-text RSS feeds available (including for comments)
  • We can accept your trackbacks and comments in realtime
  • You can sign on to contribute to any channel, any time
  • There are truly related items appended to every post online

I’m currently on the road (in Palo Alto), but will be returning in a few short hours. When I’m back at the gnomestead, I’ll be helping squish a few bugs and cleaning up some formatting and template errors. Please bear with us through this transition time? And yes, it’s a slightly new design – much like the design found on my personal blog. Don’t get too comfortable with it, though (at least, the way it looks at the time of this entry). I’m actively seeking a CSS / XHTML Web developer to help give you a completely new, and very functional, interface. The entire content portion of Lockergnome is now running on WordPress!

If the above changes don’t sound very exciting to you, what about the prospect of actually making money based on my expertise – for free. Yes, we’re going to soon open up Lockergnome.com for you to blog about anything. Even if you already have a blog, understand that we can give you fantastically outstanding promotion for awesome content – not to mention excellent search engine placement. Technology or not, we are looking to help you make money from your knowledge. It will be free, easy, and you’ll own all your content. I’ve optimized our templates so that you can sign up for Google AdSense (free) and start generating revenue as soon as possible. We’re looking for beta testers, if you’re at all interested. Cool?