Cingular Rocks!

It never ceases to amaze, Cingular has once again impressed me by correcting what I would consider no minor issue.

For me, it all started yesterday when I went to check my bill online, only to discover it was charging me for more than I had signed up for. In true Hartley fashion, I came away pretty upset. So then today, I figured calling the company ought to get the problem resolved fairly quickly. Sure enough, I was greeted with a representative that was happy to help me get this resolved. I’m telling you, it is the only cell service company that I have dealt with that does not make excuses or lay blame when it messes up on my account.

So anyway, things were grooving right along and then out of nowhere, my phone dropped the call! Perfect, so I went ahead and called back figuring that I would need to do a lot of explaining as to what was happening with my bill, but as it turned out, I had to explain very little. Very nice to see this level of service, let me tell you!

For me, there is really no question which mobile company best fits my needs. When you combine the no nonsense approach to resolving my issues with the rollover minutes it offers, then tie it all together with the signal coverage it offers here in my area, the choice is obvious. I have friends that swear by Verizon. But I have to wonder about all of the unused minutes that they are subscribing to only to lose them later on. To me, I just can’t see the logic there.