Windows Vista Alternatives

I still can’t believe I’m getting feedback for my post on Windows vs. OS X. Smaran Dayal just sent this in:

I read your article on CPU Mag titled “Vista Will Double Apple’s Market Share.” I completely agree with you. In fact, I just shifted my entire family over to using Macs. My mother has a MacBook, my grandfather a Mac mini, and I have a MacBook Pro. Mac OS X is simpler, easier to use, and doesn’t require me to sit and educate everyone about virus/spyware protection. The only thing I do now is warn them about phishing emails.

I also just switched my aunts over to using Ubuntu on their work computer. And it’s not like they feel hindered in any way. On the contrary, they think it’s prettier! They don’t need more than VLC, Firefox, and Rhythmbox. And even if they want to do some image editing or the like, they have the GIMP and a host of other great applications.

MSN isn’t good or fast enough, nor are Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer. The same is becoming increasingly true with Windows as well. The only thing Windows still has on its side is games. This too is slowly changing. Hopefully we’ll see more games for the Mac (and maybe even Linux!) in the near future.

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