Pounding down multiple cups of coffee or soda is something you might want to avoid before playing today’s game. The caffeine buzz will impede your ability to navigate safely, and excessive bladder pressure is really distracting.

Today’s featured game is Flashteroids. From the name, you might be expecting another clone of the classic arcade game, Asteroids. But Flashteroids is something somewhat slightly different. You fly the same triangular capsule that appears in Asteroids. And the sharp ship can fly out of one side of the screen only to appear on the opposite side, but that’s where the sameness ends. There’s no hyperspace button to pound during close calls with spinning asteroids. Nor is there the threat of spinning asteroids.

The object of Flashteroids is to guide your craft to and through a series of waypoints without bumping into walls or running out of fuel. In each level of Flashteroids, your ship starts off on a landing pad waiting for you to apply pressure to the up arrow on your keyboard. From there you can fly around using the left over arrow keys. In each level you’ll be required to fly across checkpoints without hitting the walls of whatever your ship is flying around inside. Keep an eye on your gas gauge because your fuel is limited and what you start with each level is all that you have.

This game may be called Flashteroids, but it plays more like Floon Lander.

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