Vista – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Well after five years of peace and quiet, Microsoft has awaken to introduce a new operating system that it is calling Vista. Have you ever wondered what XP stood for? Experience. I never did understand the relationship of XP and experience. Oh, well.

So what is Vista? It is a completely new operating system built from the ground up in which a new graphical interface has been attached to make for a more pleasing user experience .

The Good – dubbed Windows Aero, the new look of Vista is very pleasing to the eye. Microsoft has also improved the security of Vista to try and prevent viruses and spyware from attacking the system. Other features include improved search, advanced networking capabilities, and new audio, display, and print sub-systems. I’ve been using the test versions for the past six months and I must admit Vista has some impressive features.

The Bad – Vista requires some added horsepower in order to run properly. Most of today’s Penitum 4 and comparable AMD chips in the 2g and up range should work OK. But more RAM in the 1g or higher range may be needed to get this puppy performing at its best and a high end video card of at least 128MB or higher will be needed to run the new Aero feature. Will your system support Windows Vista? Try this Upgrade Advisor tool and see.

The Ugly – Pricing. It’s going to be expensive to upgrade to Vista compared to previous Windows versions and to add to the confusion, Vista comes in four different flavors. The price list below shows full version / upgrade version pricing.

  • Windows Vista Ultimate: $349/$199
  • Windows Vista Business: $269/179
  • Windows Vista Home Premium: $239/$139
  • Windows Vista Home Basic: $199/$99

Want more information on Vista? See Microsoft’s Vista site.

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