Brandon WattsI never was a really big collector, although I did have a baseball card and rock collection at one time. Those were the days. After a short time, I decided to give up Mr. Rigor Mortis and throw him back into the pile with all of the other pieces of rock. May he rest in cement. Unlike me, there are people who collect anything and everything that they can, and while some of these collections can be of traditional items such as stamps and coins, there are also weird obsessions with items like paperweights. If you’ve ever seen a collector and his collections, then you know that they can very easily get out of hand, and before too long, the collectors may even begin to forget what they have. Whether you’re a collector or know someone that is, Squirl is something to check out because it provides a way to catalog collections.

Squirrels are known for their ability to collect acorns, and that’s why both the name of the site and the appearance of the logo are so fitting for this resource. There are numerous categories for you to participate in and browse through, and you’ll even get your very own user page with which you can show off your collections, yourself, and your friends. Share pictures of the items, provide descriptions, and communicate with other collectors by commenting on their goodies. Hoarding never felt so good.

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