We recently featured a site that showed the travelers among us some interesting sites around out country that they could visit while they were out and about. Not wanting to sit on our laurels, and sparing no expense or time searching every corner of the Internet, we have found another site that can help add a little spice to that next vacation of yours, no matter what time of the year you depart. is an online guide to offbeat tourist attractions. How offbeat, you wonder? How about a gas station in Oregon that is sitting under a real, authentic WWII B-17 bomber? Or the world’s only two-story outhouse in Arkansas? Cawker, Kansas is home to the largest ball of twine, which continues to grow even though the creator has passed on, and Livermore, California has the oldest light bulb that is still on the job (since 1902). These are just a few of the sites that you can find out the details about on this site, and plan your trips, no matter how far you have to travel. There are links to local restaurants and motels on the site as well.

So if you a desire to travel, and seek out odd and unusual places, this site is one that you will want to have handy. It has a Warped rating of 8.0 and one that is well deserved.

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