A Civic Donation

It’s been a while since I first considered using a car donation company to get rid of an old Honda we’ve had sitting the driveway. I had plans of reviving the old Civic to use as a winter car. The plans got more and more grand, of course. Not only was I going to either rebuild or replace the engine (it has 180K on the clock), but I was going to to load the little four-door up with a wicked carputer, complete with GPS and a full-scale entertainment system.

Hey, I like to dream big. Even if it is a little old car. A winter beater, even.

Those old Civics run until you drive them into the ground, which is pretty much what we did with old paint. And speaking of the paint, I’ve never seen clear coat paint go as far south. It’s peeling like it spent too much time in the sun at the beach (which it has).

It’s crazy how fast time flies by… I was ready to get rid of the car, just before the automobile donation laws changed, two years ago. Then I got distracted (as always) and lo and behold, it’s almost Thanksgiving again.

When my wife brought up the topic of getting rid of the car last night, I vowed to finally get off my duff and find a good home for old faithful.

Putting it up on eBay just wouldn’t be right.

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