Tri Synergy Delays UFO Extraterrestrials

Tri Synergy and Chaos Concepts are officially delaying the release of their new strategy game, UFO Extraterrestrials until February, 2007. The hard decision was made to delay the release of UFO Extraterrestrials to allow for better play balance and game enhancements.

In the year 2025 a newly colonized planet has encountered alien life. Without warning or communication these aliens have brutally attacked the people and planet. Now it is up to a special government force to protect the planet and eradicate the alien threat.

UFO Extraterrestrials features X-Com style tactical strategy and incorporates light and heavy vehicles as well as ground forces which can be trained and specialized as they gain experience. In combat UFO features a free movement system. The environment is destructible, meaning if you can’t find a door to a building a simple rocket launcher can make one for you.

The game also features a grand strategy map, where you are constructing bases, developing new weapons, and battling the alien threat on a large scale level. When the battle over your new world begins embark on a second quest to liberate Earth from the clutches of the alien menace.

The game will be available from retail stores in the US and Canada including Electronics Boutique, Gamestop, Staples, Bestbuy, Fry’s, CompUSA, Circuit City, and more! Additionally the game will be available from the Tri Synergy Web site.