AutoRecover In PowerPoint 2002

If you have ever lost a presentation, you are probably aware of the importance of saving your work. Thankfully, PowerPoint will automatically save your document for you in the event that you aren’t a frequent saver. You can make sure this feature is turned on in PowerPoint 2002 by clicking Options from the Tools menu. From the Options dialog box, select the Save tab. Make sure that there is a check mark beside Auto Recover info every. You can then alter the frequency at which Powerpoint will save your work.

Even though I have the AutoRecovery feature of PowerPoint enabled, I still find myself saving my work on a regular basis, sometimes after every page or paragraph that I type. A simple Ctrl+S and my work is saved again.

Sometimes I have multiple presentations open and have been editing all of them. There is a simple way in PowerPoint that you can quickly save all the presentations at once. Hold down the Shift key while clicking File | Save All. This will save all open presentations in one shot.

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