Cake Mania

Fire up the four-button easy bake oven and plug in the retooled car-factory robot. People want cakes. People need cakes. Cakes of different shapes. And you’re the short order cake cook who can fulfill their wishes.

The game is Cake Mania, so named because too much cake baking can unhinge anyone. So play this game in moderation.

The object of Cake Mania is serve each customer the exact sweetly frosted baked goody that they asked for. Patrons will enter your shop. After making their selection from the menu they’ll request a cake.

Using a four-button stove and a cake frosting car-factory robot, you can fill their orders. If you deliver the correct cake the customer will be pleased and give you money. If you serve the wrong cake you’ll hear a cuckoo and have to try again. Once you’ve made the required amount of money you can move on to the next level.

Cake Mania is attractively illustrated with outstanding animation. The artists who worked on this game went all out. The game-play is extremely easy to learn. Just point and click where you want the character to go. Being something of a kids’ game it will only entertain adults for a short time.

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